Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wikipedia on OCP, Oracle DBA and Oracle Apps DBA

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I do get mails from newbie asking that what is OCP, Oracle DBA, and Oracle Apps DBA, and their responsibilities?. The Wikipedia has good information on these questions. Please follow the links given below.

Database administrator

Oracle Apps DBA

Oracle Certification Program

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A new book on Oracle Applications DBA

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A new book on Oracle Applications DBA

Title: Oracle Applications DBA
Author: Joyjeet Banerjee
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780070621121

Tata Mc Graw hills have just now launched a book on Oracle Apps DBA. This book has already been released in India and expected to release worldwide in a couple of months. This book covers both 11i and R12 and maintains a well balance between them. This book is embellished with over 350 screenshots and illustration making the manage of complex Oracle Applications system in a easy way.

This book has got the information on the below Contents.

Chapter Details

The book contains the following chapters
1. Oracle E-Business Suite: An Overview
2. Oracle Application Architecture
3. Oracle Application File System
4. Installing Oracle Applications
5. Checking and Configuring Oracle Applications
6. Managing Oracle Applications
7. Concurrent Processing and Concurrent Manager
8. Patching Oracle Applications
9. AD Utilities
10. Cloning
11. Oracle Application Manager
12. Upgrading Oracle Applications
13. Printer Setup
14. Managing Application Security


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Oracle Database 11g R1 Software available for all OS's

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Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (
Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, and Enterprise Edition is now available to download and install on all Operating Systems i.e. Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HP – UX.

Please go through the following link to download the software.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Register free for the Oracle Database 11g Launch Event in the Middle East, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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I have got an email from Oracle that they are gonna conduct a free even on Oracle Database 11g Launch in the Middle East – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 19-November-2007.

Fore more details on Venue, Agenda, date and time, and Registration (Free). Please take a look at the below URL.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Back to work from the vacation

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I’m now back to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after I enjoyed my vacations. From now on wards, I will be continuously updating my blog with new posts.

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