Sunday, July 29, 2007

I have passed the 1Z0-233 exam "Oracle 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Applications"

Dear Friends,

I have taken an Oracle 11i Applications exam (1Z0-233 - Oracle 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Applications) yesterday, and passed that exam.

I would like to share my preparation for and experience with that exam.

Pre-requisite for 1Z0-233 exam is that one should have earned Oracle9i and 10g Database Administrator Certified Professionals can achieve an upgrade to the Oracle 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional credential through passing the exam Oracle 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Applications - 1Z0-233.

Please visit the following URL for more information.

Please note if you are pursuing the Oracle 11i Applications DBA OCP certification based on your prior Oracle 9i DBA or Oracle DBA 10g OCP certification, it is not necessary to submit a Hands On Course Requirement Form or Waiver.

Note: Please register for all your exams with the same Prometric ID. Using multiple ID's can cause delay in your certification and the database will recognize you as two different candidates.

Preparation: I have gone through all the ILT (Instructor Led Training) materials of the course “11i Install, Patch, and Maintain Oracle Applications” which my friend has done this course from Oracle University. These guides have helped me greatly in passing this exam, as all of the questions came from these materials topics.

Questions came from the following topics.

  • APPS Schema
  • Shared APPL_TOP
  • AutoConfig
  • Validation and Compilation of APPS Schema
  • Desktop Tier
  • Worker status flow, Worker log file locations.
  • Rapid Clone/Install
  • Server process scripts of Database and Applications.
  • Patching i.e AutoPatch (Got many questions from this topic)
  • Applications Top Level directories – APPL_TOP, ORA_TOP,COMMN_TOP,DATA_TOP
  • Applications Context File
  • Single Node and Multi Node installation
  • AdAdmin – Recreate grants and synonyms for APPS schema.
  • Oracle APPS tablespace model
  • Syntaxes of adpatch, admrgpch etc
  • Apps Tier components
  • Others i.e. Error messages, log files of the utilities, definitions etc.
Note: I would suggest them those who are willing to appear for this exam that read and go through the Instructor Guides on this exam course provided my Oracle Corp/University/Authorized Center. These materials would stand handy for passing this exam.

Update: Read my other post on "The books, guides, and materials used for my OCA/OCP/OCE Exam Preparation."

Happy reading!!!

Sabdar Syed,


rafeek said...

Fantastic job done. Greate achivement. Thanks a lot for helping all who wants to appear the exam. Keep it up....
Good work.

It is my humble request to keep on doing such things.

Sabdar Syed said...

Thank you for the comments.

I would also suggest you to prepare and take the exam.

Sabdar Syed,

shantha said...

congratulations syed.

shantha kumar

Sabdar Syed said...

Thank you.

Sabdar Syed.

syeda said...

This is syed Ahmed from New jersey, I have been working on ORACLE 10gr2 databases for over 2 years. I am one of the DBA team member for production support. I would like to congratulate you for clearing 1Z0-233!!!!!!!!

wish you good luck on all your future assignments!!!!!

Sabdar Syed said...

Thankx Ahmed and I wish you the same to you.

Sabdar Syed,

Anjani Kumar Saxena said...

sabdar bhai congrates........

In MAY i also cleared 11i exam.

Very soon my own blog site....


Sabdar Syed said...

Thanks Anjani, and congratulations you too.

Sabdar Syed,

Sujata said...

If doesn't get access to the material you have mentioned, then are the pdfs good enough?

Goks said...

Hi Syed,

Great Job done. Congrats!!

I am planning to complete this exam and i am already OCP 10g certified.

It will be great if you could share the soft copy of training course material if you have it.

Thanks in advance,

farooq said...

Hi Sabdar,
Congrats for clearing the 1ZO-233
i read in Atul's blog that ocp 9i or 10g certifications is not compulsory you can write directly

1ZO-233 (oracle 11i install,patch and maintain applications) .

I am planning to write as i dont have any ocp certifications please give me your advice and if u have the material please send it


Sabdar Syed said...


Thanks for the comments.

Those who are already certified in Oracle 9i/10g DBA OCP, they are directly eligible for writing 1z0-233 Exam “Oracle 11I Install, Patch and Maintain Applications

Those who are not certified in Oracle 9i/10g DBA OCP, then they need to go on the following way to achieve the Oracle 11i Apps DBA Certification.

Complete one of the approved instructor led online or in class courses
Applications DBA Fundamentals I
Applications DBA Fundamentals II
Oracle 11I Install, Patch and Maintain Applications
Submit the Hand On Course Requirement Form
(not required for 9i and 10g DBA OCPs pursuing 11i Apps DBA)
6) Finally you will get the Oracle 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional.

For your information, I really do not have any soft copies of Oracle 11I Install, Patch and Maintain Applications
1Z0_233. Rather I have only hard copies which I brought from my friend who has completed his training from Oracle University.

Sabdar Syed

syed said...

Dear Sabdar syed,
my name is syed irfan i have done BE in telecommunication. iam very much interested in oracle courses. would need your advice as to which course will be suitable for me.

thanking you,

syed irfan

Murad said...

Congrats Brother Syed.

I am also preparing for the exam. I wish to get some cordial support regarding the exam from you.

Hasanul Murad

Murad said...

Congrats Syed.

I am also preparing for the exam.

I wish to get some support in my preparation. Pls do me the favor.

Hasanul Murad

Farin said...

Nice to know of your recent achievement. Congratulations. Quite Inspiring too.

Incidentally, I am a guy with over 25 years of experience in Finance/Banking/Accounting domain. I intend to move in to Oracle Financials.

Can you advise me how I fit into the Oracle Scheme of things?

Any advise is appreciated.