Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grow That DBA Career

Hi Friends,

Today I have come across a good document called "Grow That DBA Career" written and published by Brian Peasland. This document has good details about the following Questions.

  • Should I Become a DBA?
  • How do I get that first DBA job?
  • I just got my first job! now what?
  • How do I go from a beginner DBA to an intermediate DBA?
  • How do I go from an intermediate to a senior DBA?

If any one is interested to download this document, the use the below link.


Leave me your comments if this document clears your DBA Career Doubts.


Sabdar Syed,



Mohammed Taj said...

Hi Sabdar,

I always like Brain post.

Thanks for point this docment, this will help alot of new dba.

Sabdar Syed said...

Thanks for the comments.

Sabdar Syed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sabdar,

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. it helped me a lot