Friday, October 3, 2008

My Blog Feedback Page

Dear Blog Readers,

I wanted to have a feedback page as a post in my blog where my blog viewers can post their valuable comments and suggestion about my blog and articles.

In order to serve you better with required information in my blog, please leave your comments/suggestions/doubts/questions/requirements/ etc.

Link for comments here - Feedback Page !

Please check the comments submitted in the comments item below.

Thanks & Regards,
Sabdar Syed.


Test Blog said...

Nice Blog.


Srinivas Balan said...

wow and wonderfull, this is a summary of metalink point to point with all the subsections. This is a bird's view for a DBA.

Thanks Syed.

Srinivas Balan

Sabdar Syed said...

Thank you very much for the comments.

Sabdar Syed.

Ustyn said...

hello syed,
thanks very much for this interactive blog platform on Oracle & its paths.When i read the news am always told india is a HUB of IT.I will say u are an IT hub urself as reflected in this blog of urs.I am new to oracle,i want to get certified on OCA & OCP.I need ur experience advice on training materials,Q/A & areas of specialization on exams thanks.

DBA said...

Nice work syed,

Sabdar Syed said...

Thank you Ustyn and DBA for the comments.

Will consider your valuable comments and imporve the blog articals accordingly.

Sabdar Syed.

Razi said...

Thankyou very much for your recovery catalog article.

Dear syed...
i have a rac 10g db. i wanna create recovery catalog . shall i go for a new server for this or create on the same rac db... which one will be better. please advise..



Sabdar Syed said...

Thanks for the comments about my blog.

Recovery catalog can be created either on the same server where the source database exists or any other different server which you can think as separate or test /development server. But maintaining the RMAN Catalog on the same server will be a single point of failure i.e. when the source server or disk, where the RMAN Catalog exist , gets crashed then there will be a chance of loosing RMAN Catalog as well. So, it’s always recommended to set up the recovery catalog on different server. Decision is left up to you.

Another important this is that, do to take the backup of recovery catalog database to recover from failures in future.

Sabdar Syed.

Anonymous said...

Bahut changa safdar Bhai..
keep it up.....

Hari Krishna Y D said...

Excellent Job Buddy

Cleto said...

Congratulations! wish you'll more success in the future & a BIG thank you for generous contributions to the Oracle KB.
I am a frequent reader of all your blogs. I like all your posts.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see ur profile to become the second Oracle ACE Winner from Saudi Arabia.
Congratulations! wish you'll more success in the future & a BIG thank you for generous contributions to the Oracle

shoukath said...

oHi Sayed,

Congratilations on your new achievement. Wish u a happy new year. Expecting more from you..


shoukath said...

Hi Sayed,

Congratulations on your new achievements.
Your blog is too nice.
Keep it up..


Neel said...

Hi Syed,

I am Neel, I am working as a Oracle Application Developer I am OCP (Oracle 9i Application Developer),
i am also interested in DBA track and hence i had started preparation of OCP in DBA track.
But tell me how exactly it will help me carrying the knowledge of both Database and Application Development. What kind of job profile will suit me a lot.

Thanks and Regards,

Sabdar Syed said...

Have your own strong decision on choosing your career path i.e. Developer or DBA.

It is not mandatory for DBAs to have the developer experience, but, having developer experience will be value added to DBAs.

You can choose either Oracle Core DBA or Oracle Applications (E-Business) DBA profile.

Suggest you to refer my previous posts on

Wish you all the best of luck.

Sabdar Syed.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, your blog is very helpful about information concerning oracle certification; thank you for the clarity, the concision and the precision of the explanation.


Anonymous said...

It's nice blog, very helpful and nice work Syed.

bij said...

I was browsing the internet for Oracle related stuffs, wow!

such an informative blog...amazing individual. This blog was helpful. Thanks again

Biju Nair

bij said...

Awesome! information packed blog

Thanks a lot!!!


InFo@Tech said...

It's a great knowledge base for all Oracle DBAs...