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How to prepare for 1Z0-048 - Oracle 10g RAC Certified Expert Exam.

Dear Friends,

I would like to share my experience with the 1Z0-048 Exam – Oracle Database 10g: RAC Certified Expert, which I have recently taken.

I have passed the 1Z0-048 Exam “Oracle Database 10g: Real Applications Clusters Administrator Certified Expert”

About the 1Z0-048 Exam:

This Exam (1Z0-048) is one of the Certified Expert Programs. The Oracle offers the following list of Certified Expert Exams for Oracle 10g Database.

* Oracle 10g: Managing Oracle on Linux Certified Expert
* Oracle Database 10g: Administering Real Application Clusters Certified Expert
* Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert

What is Oracle Certified Expert Program?

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Here I’m going to talk about the 1Z0-048 Exam - Oracle Database 10g: Administering Real Application Clusters Certified Expert.

Who is eligible for writing the 1Z0-048 Exam?

Those who are already certified in Oracle Database 10g/11g DBA
Those who are *NOT* certified already,
* They may first need to under go one training i.e. Complete one of the approved instructor-led online or in-class courses for either the Oracle University or from the Oracle Authorized Centers,
* Write the exam 1Z0-048 - Oracle Database 10g R2: RAC for Administrators.
* Submit the Hands On Course Requirement Form

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To know more on the following

* Recommended Training and Preparation
* Additional Information & Resources
* Exam Topics

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1Z0-048 Exam Details

The Books and Documents I referred.

I have gone through all the ILT (Instructor Led Training) materials of the course “Oracle Database 10g: RAC for Administrators Release 2” which my friend has done this course from Oracle University. These guides have helped me greatly in passing this exam, as all of the questions came from these materials topics. I would strongly recommend and suggest referring the Oracle Instructor Led Training Books/Student Guides/Course Materials on Oracle 10g RAC and also Oracle Documentations.

What are Student Guides/ILT (Instructor Led Training) Materials?
Student Guides/ILT (Instructor Led Training) Materials

Oracle Documentations on Oracle 10g RAC

* 2 Day + Real Application Clusters Guide

* Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters Administration and Deployment Guide

List of useful links for Oracle RAC for reference.

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Questions came from the following topics.

• Settings the Load balancing and failover clauses in the TNS entry, and remote logging parameters.
• Configuring ASM Redundancy Levels i.e. High, Normal and External.
• Adding and enable redo log groups on new node of the cluster. (remember the order of steps to perform)
• Undo Tablespaces in RAC.
• In what situations, we migrated from single
• Checking OCR Resource status and checking the relevant logs.
• Storage types which supports FRA (Flash Recovery Area).
• Post steps after the cluster database creation.
• Backing up the OCR and Voting Disks and recovering them (remember the order of steps to perform)
• ASM Instance Parameters.
• Benefits and implication of RAC.
• Utilities to verify Cluster and OCR Disks.
• Different Oracle Homes locations i.e. ORACLE_HOME,ORA_CRS_HOME,ORACLE_BASE
• Tools you use for patching on RAC environments.
• Using crsctl, srvctl, crs_stat with different attributes.
• Moving from non-rac database to RAC instances. (remember the order of steps to perform)
• Debugging CRS, modifying services
• Views to find the interconnect latencies.
• Difference processes of RAC.
• Removing and Adding the node in the cluster (remember the order of steps to perform)
• Location of server callout and notification scripts.
• Enable debugging for CRS, patching and rolling patch on RAC.

Many other Questions from the following things

OCR, Voting Disks,
RAC and Application VIP,
Services, DBCA, ASM

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Update: Read my other post on "The books, guides, and materials used for my OCA/OCP/OCE Exam Preparation."

"The books, guides, and materials used for my OCA/OCP/OCE Exam Preparation."

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Sabdar Syed,


skumar said...

congrates Sabdar......

Sabdar Syed said...

Thank you Kumar.

Sabdar Syed.

OCP Advisor said...

Hi Sabdar:
Heartiest Congratulations for passing the 10g RAC Certified Expert Exam. I'm starting a weekly feature on the OCP blog ( called "Meet the Experts". With your permission, I would like to publish a Q&A session with you.
Future candidates would greatly benefit from your advice and be encouraged to pursue a certification path.
Thanks in advance,
OCP Advisor

Sabdar Syed said...

Hi OCP Advisor,

Thanks for your comments.

Of course, you can send me the Q/A and can publish in your blogspot. You have my permission.

Sabdar Syed.

Metin Ergöktas said...

congrulations Sabdar,
I also going to take 1Z0-048 as soon as possible.

best wishes