Thursday, August 21, 2008

Q&A Session with me in Oracle Certification Professionals' blog

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The Editor of 'Oracle Certification Professionals' blog - , had a Questions & Answers Session with me and published in his blogspot.

The series of Questions asked as below.

Q#1: Hi Sabdar, on behalf of the OCP blog readers we are delighted to have you today as our featured Oracle Expert. Please tell us something about you, your background and professional experience.

Q#2: New Oracle technologies are being introduced every year. Which technologies excite you most? What is your advice to Oracle professionals for adopting them?

Q#3: You are an Oracle Certified Professional on multiple tracks. How do you prepare for the certification exams?

Q#4: You are a very active member on the Oracle Technology Network Certification forum. Do you think certification plays an important role in the Oracle community? What advice/tips/suggestions do you have for the certification candidates?

Q#5: Your blog is one of the most popular Oracle blogs. Please tell our blog readers what topics do you discuss on your blog?

Q#6: Can you please let us know one habit that has contributed most to your professional success?

Take a look at the below URL where I had already answered to the Questions asked above.

Meet The Experts: Featuring OCP Sabdar Syed

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