Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From where can I download the Oracle OCP logo?

Various types of OCP Logos are used in many of Oracle related Blogs with different styles and colors; it means that, without knowing the registered OCP Logo by Oracle, simply customized OCP logos, with their own styles and colors, are being used.

The people, those who are using different logos apart from registered and suggested, are searching and downloading from the Google Images for readymade logo and using them.

Click here for Google Images for Oracle OCP Logo

If anybody wants to make use of OCP logo on their blogs or resumes, I would suggest them to download and use the registered OCP logo, which is suggested by Oracle.
Here is how one can download the Oracle OCP Logo.

* Everyone will receive the Oracle Certification Success/Welcome kit upon competition of all the Oracle Certified Professional Exams (OCP).

* In the Welcome/Success Kit, you will find a letter of congratulation by Oracle on completing and becoming an Oracle Certified Professional, and an Oracle Certificate on your name, and the OCP Membership card.

* You will be given the special credentials (User ID and Password) to access the Oracle Certified Professional Members Website.

* The URL for OCP Members Website will be in the letter of congratulation or in the Membership Card.

* You may need to download the OCP logo using your credentials given by accessing the OCP Members website.

* You will find more useful information from the member’s website, its self explanatory; you can explore and navigate the options by yourself.


* If you forgot your username and password, then you can contact an provide your prometric ID, email address and credential and they will provide you with the username and password to receive the OCA logo.
* Don’t share the credentials to access the OCP Members website to Non-OCP Candidates.

Here is a nice document on OCP Guidelines and following are the contents of it.

* Education Certification Logos
* Education Certification Logos
Logo Elements and Proportions
* Education Certification Logos Clear Space
* Education Certification Logos Minimum Size
* Education Certification Logos Color Usage
* Education Certification Logos Background Control

Oracle Certified Professional Members Website.

Oracle 8i/9i OCP:

Oracle 10g OCP:

Oracle 11i Apps OCP:

Or For all:

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