Thursday, December 18, 2008

I’m an Oracle ACE Award Winner now !

Dear All,

I’m pleased to inform you all that I have received an email from Oracle ACE Program Committee that I have been nominated for the prominent Oracle ACE Award. I’m honored to be the second person working in the Saudi Arabia to be an Oracle ACE.

Hope you are curious to know who the first person is working in the Saudi Arabia to be an Oracle ACE. Well, he is none other than my elder brother & mentor – Mr. Syed Jaffar Hussain . We are proud to be the Oracle ACE brothers from one family members and I can say, this kind of achievement is a unique combination, isn’t it?

Take a look at my Oracle ACE Profile – Sabdar Syed.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to my elder brother, colleagues, ex-colleagues, blog viewers, friends and well-wishers for their support to aim this award.


Thanks to Mr. Mohan Dutt, OCP Advisor, for publishing about my achievement, Oracle ACE Award, in his blog - OCP Blog Community.

Take a look at - Featured Expert Wins Oracle ACE Award!

Your precious comments are welcomed!

Sabdar Syed.


Teko said...

Mabrouk/Congratulations Sabdar !

I wish you all the best in your career.

This is a great achievement.

Keep doing the good job.

Cary Millsap said...

Congratulations to you. :-)

Eddie Awad said...


OCP Advisor said...

Heartiest Congratulations Sabdar!
Wish you continued success to ACE Director level in the coming years!

saivikram said...

Saivikram/Congrats !!!

Awesome work :).

Happy to see you with Ace Award.

Once Again,Congrats for receiving ACE Award.

Keep going.

Kishore Jukanti said...

Good job Sabdar!!!

You made us feel proud and congratulations on this big achievement.

Party man!!!!!

Marco Gralike said...

Enjoy ;-)

Syed Khalid Ali said...

Heartiest Congratulations Sabdar Bhai.
Sabdar bhai u don greate job....

Hyder Hussain Syed said...

This is a huge triumph!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad to see you with Ace Award
Heartiest Congratulations Sabdar!

Warm Regards
Hyder Hussain Syed

Oracle Apps DBA

Tanel Poder said...


mansoor said...

Many Many congratulation on this.

Sabdar Syed said...

Thank you all for healthy comments.

Sabdar Syed.

fahad said...

Dear Sabdar,

Receive my heartiest and warm congratulations on your success and May God keep you on winning stand all over the life in every aspect.

Vinay Kasarapu said...

Congratulation Sabdar...

Vinay Kasarapu said...

Once again hearty congratulations. I am certified professional in 10g. Recently, I have started my first blog and was wondering if you can be author for my blog. It will be my pleasure having you on my blog. I am trying my best to bring experts together.

Let me know if you accept my invitation, so that I can send you the author invitation from my blog. Appreciate if you can join my blog. Will let you know blog details once you join us.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Sabdar Hussain
Wish you continued success to ACE Director level in the coming years!

Debra Lilley said...

Well done, congratulations

Francisco Munoz Alvarez said...

Dear Sabdar,

Congratulations! you deserved it :)

I'll also take this opportunity to wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and a wonderful new year full of health and wealth.


Francisco Munoz Alvarez

yaseen said...

Assalaum Alaikkum varah,


All the best for your career.
I already expect this from you
Oracle ACE surprise thing for me
Hussain Bai is your brother.

Now only i know that.

All the best for your career & future.

AR Yaseen

Mehmood Ur Rehman said...

Dear Sabdar

I didnt know you are ACE now, Congrats on your this big achievement.