Saturday, December 13, 2008

Should I go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification?

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Choosing whether to go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification is becoming complex to the Novice or Newbie DBAs. And also, I have seen a couple of posts asking such similar certification doubts more frequently in the OTN Forums, when they are not really sure or confused.

Well, this is ever been told by everyone that going for latest version certification is good and ideal. But, what I advise is, first go for Oracle 10g OCA and OCP, then upgrade to Oracle 11g OCP.

Following are my views on why to go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP initially rather than 11g OCA/OCP directly.

  • As we all know that newer version (11g) does include older version features plus new features and bug fixes of older version issues.
  • Retirement date for Oracle 10g Certification has not yet been announced by Oracle. Moreover, Oracle Database 11g: Administration I (OCA) exam is only on production i.e. regular and Oracle Database 11g: Administration II (OCP) exam is not yet gone for Production i.e. still Beta Exam.
  • Oracle Database 10g is still being used as Production for the business in all most all the organizations in the globe. But very less companies are using the Oracle Database 11g for their business, as Oracle 11g is still a base release and yet to go for standard release 11g (11.2.X.X) shortly. This means that Oracle 11g is not fully deployed or used for Production purpose yet.
  • Oracle Database 10g Release (10.2) still has Oracle primary and extended (Metalink) support for few more years from now, after that Oracle 10g will also be de-supported by Oracle.
  • Both versioned (10g and 11g) certifications have two exams – Administration I (OCA) and Administration II (OCP). Each exam fees of them is $125 US i.e. there is no vary.
  • It’s mandatory for the OCP candidates to undergo one approved course from the Approved list of Oracle University Courses for hands on course requirement. This applies to both Oracle 10g and 11g Certification takers.
  • For Oracle 10g OCP Certification holders, there is only one exam 1Z0-050 - Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators given to upgrade directly to the Oracle 11g OCP. No course or hands on course requirement form is to be submitted to achieve the Oracle 11g OCP (Upgrade) Certification.
  • In this way, one will have both Oracle 10g and 11g Certifications in hand, and can show the same in their resume or CV. This also fulfills the requirement where the companies are looking for the candidates those are having enough experience with Oracle 10g and 11g, and holding multiple certifications in it.
One can go for direct Oracle 11g Certification under the following circumstances.

  • If you are forced, by your company or manager, to undergo Oracle 11g Course and take Oracle 11g Certification Exams, for their specific requirement on Oracle Database 11g related projects.
  • When there is no Oracle 10g course listed in the training institute in your city, instead only Oracle 11g Courses are available.
  • When unable to afford to take Oracle 11g Upgrade exam.
  • If my above views are not Okay with you -:)

Note: Folks, above are only my views, and need not to be the same with others. So, it’s left up you to decide whether to go for Oracle 10g OCA/OCP or 11g OCA/OCP Certification. For any information or doubts, then refer the Oracle Certification Program link and navigate yourself to the options to know more about Beta Exams, Retirements, List of Exams, Upgrade your Certification, Hands on Course Requirement etc.,

Your comments are welcomed if this article information helps you.

Sabdar Syed,


Ben Prusinski said...


I agree. I just passed both the 10g OCA and 10g OCP exams. Now I am working on the 11g OCP upgrade exam and OCE exams. Most companies are on 10g and earlier releases of Oracle so 11g is still quite new.

Ben Prusinski

Nehaz... said...


I wish to give OCA on PL/SQL developer track and have seen that 10g does not have much for PL/SQL track...
Hence, I feel 007 or 051 exam is better for me. Please give me ur views regarding this?


Sabdar Syed said...

To become an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (OCA), you will have to write either of the exam from the below list in addition to the exam - Program with PL/SQL - 1Z0-147.

1Z0-001 - Introduction to Oracle: SQL® and PL/SQL™
1Z0-007 - Introduction to Oracle9i SQL®
1Z0-047 - Oracle Database SQL Expert
1Z0-051 - Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I

I would suggest you to take a look at the “Exam Concepts” of every exam, and find yourself where you are comfortable with and confident in, then go for that exam. At the end, your OCA will count, no matter whether you took the exam 1Z0-001 or 1Z0-007 or 1Z0-047 or 1Z0-051.

Best of luck.

Sabdar Syed.